Our Future

It has been over 20 years, but the Harold Washington Party is back. In the intervening years, the Democratic party has been in complete control in the City of Chicago and plight of the communities of color has only worsened. During this period, Mayors from the Democratic Party, especially Rahm Emanuel, have overseen a reign of terror by the Chicago Police Department over communities of color, especially the Black Community.  Schools and mental health facilities have been closed and the budget for the remaining schools has been systematically reduced and those cut funds have been shifted to white schools. Trauma centers serving the Black Community have been closed. TIF funds originally planned for the development of poor neighborhoods have systematically been diverted for use in the development of private enterprises in wealthy neighborhoods. The Democratic Party has failed all the people of the City of Chicago, all except the wealthiest contributors to the Democratic Party campaign coffers.


The Republican Party has fared no better. Under Governor Rauner and the budget impasse he has waged with the Democrats, services and money bound for the Black community and other communities of color have dwindled to a trickle. Poor people across Illinois are suffering and in some cases dying because Rauner wants to break the unions, a move that would, in the long run, impair poor people even more. It is time for the people of Illinois to take control of the government and make Illinois government serve the people, not the corporate elite. It is time for the Harold Washington Party!!!